Asus N550LF-CK108H, 15.6-inch multimedia laptop

Asus N550LF-CK108H, 15.6-inch multimedia laptop

Asus N550LF-CK108H is a model with touchscreen from the N series and like the N56, this has also a 1080p screen. It isn’t any screen it is an IPS model with great viewing angles and clear image. The performance of this laptop is high due to the GT 765M video card and the Core i7 processor. The OS is Windows 8 and you can upgrade it to 8.2 if you want so. The design isn’t identical to that of the N56, because this one has a grey keyboard and the N56 has a black one. Both keyboards have a backlit technology so you can operate on it even in dark rooms or at night.

The price isn’t very attractive because of the specs and special features. Also it can replace easily a media player or desktop. It has a very awesome price (see special price & best deal here) and a good discount.

The Core i7-4500U has a 1.8 GHz frequency because of the power-saving technology and it is obvious that it is a 4th generation CPU. The integrated GPU is new and the performance isn’t very high – HD 4600, but the GT 765M video card is much better when it comes to games and video content. The 15.6 inch display with 1080p resolution is great for editors or those who like to project things. The rest of the specs are: 8GB RAM memory and the 1TB hard drive. If you are looking for some upgrades, you can try to replace the HDD with a SSD.

The rest of it features are: Display Port, HDMI, three USB ports, bluetooth, webcam, stereo speakers+subwoofer etc. I like anti-glare screen because they have a lower brightness and so they are more pleasant. You can connect a wireless mouse to it because it has BT and the WiDi feature is great if you got a TV that can support it.

Asus N550LF-CK108H has even a Blu-ray drive that is great for those users who need a portable media player. It isn’t a portable laptop because of its weight and battery life is about 3-4 hours. This battery life is goodfor home use, but if you travel you can buy an ultrabook instead of this model.

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